I was initially referred to Beth by her photographer, my friend Eryn Chandler of LewChan Photography. Eryn always sends such great brides my way! Beth and her then fiancée, John, lived just outside of Houston and we met on a weekend morning when they were in town so that John could go to a reunion at UT hosted by his PhD advisor. Beth and John actually met at UT while pursuing their chemistry PhDs. Double doctors! I love it. And of course, because the world is actually so small sometimes, Beth knew my husband’s cousin who works for the same company she and John do, even though they all live in totally different parts of the country.
Beth and John wanted a small wedding, just about 30 people in all, mostly family and a few close friends, and no attendants except for an honorary flower girl and ring bearer. They got married on a Saturday in May at the Omni Barton Creek.
Beth’s favorite flowers are tulips. When Beth asked John what colors he thought they should use for their wedding, his response was yellow. So Beth decided on a color palate of yellow, white, and navy. She asked for an all tulip bouquet. I had actually never made an all tulip bouquet. It’s trickier than you might think because the tulip stems are hollow and fragile. They will only bend so much. You could wire each one, but you’re still at a risk for the fragile stems to snap if bent too far. I had to be very, very gentle with this bouquet, but I loved how it turned out! It was so cheery and bright!
John is actually super into making homebrew. I know NOTHING about homebrew, but Beth said, wouldn’t it be cool if we had hops in his boutonniere? Totally cool! Hops only grow fresh in October, I checked the local homebrew store in Austin and their dried hops are all chopped finely. But Beth discovered a whole niche market on Etsy that sells dried, whole hops. Because it’s Etsy.
And I’m just dying over their adorable get away golf cart. I can’t take any credit for that, it was all Beth and her family. Darling.
The reception dinner was one long family style table. I love that.
Congratulations Beth and John! I so enjoyed working with you and wish you both a “hoppily” ever after! XOXO