I met Brooke and Mark about a year ago at a cool little coffee shop down in South Austin on a sleepy (and steamy) Sunday morning. I remember that last part because there is a high likelihood that I was shvitzing an embarrassing amount due to the fact that I was early-ish pregnant and all I could come up with in the moment to drink was to ask for a decaf tea which was of course hot and did not help my internal temperature.

Sweating aside, my meeting with Brooke and Mark was amazing. It was one of those first time meetings when you just click really easily. I immediately loved the clean and modern look this couple wanted to bring to Austin’s classic Mercury Hall. By the end of the meeting, we were practically finishing each other’s sentences. I went home so excited to bring their vision to life!

Mark and Brooke have been a couple for years and years. When they finally decided to take the plunge to get married, they were on the same page completely and knew exactly what they wanted: white, black, pops of green and pops of fresh herbs and artichokes, and lots of candles all presented in a very modern and clean look.

Brooke and Mark’s mid February wedding at Mercury Hall was my first wedding back after having our baby in late December. I was SO ready to get my hands back in the flowers. Although there is definitely something to be said for staying present in the creative process by creating often, I think taking a break from creating is really healthy. Although I was still tired from being up at night with the baby, I NEEDED to be back and doing my thing and not only really looked forward to this couple’s wedding, but enjoyed the challenge and the outlet it gave me to do something a little bit different than my recent day to day.

Mark is a chef and the couple wanted all sorts of fun cooking details added in to their reception centerpieces like the green artichokes and lots of fresh green herbs. We also liked a lot of modern look glassware as well as green succulents and black wood planter boxes. And of course, lots and lots of candles!!
The cake was handmade by Mark’s twin sister and the custom sugar anenomes (which the flower version is in Brooke’s bouquet) were made by a good friend. Yah. I know. Ridiculously talented. I bow down. And the cake was orange flavor to honor Brooke’s late brother who loved orange cake. So special.

Did you know that LYFD has an AMAZING LOVE marquee sign available for rent? My girl Mary over at Stan & Wally made it. And she can make anything. She’s one of those super cool girls who could literally out skill saw a man and then do a custom painting and all while she’s probably sou vide-ing steaks for dinner. Check out her shop!

Congratulations Brooke and Mark!! Thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful day!

Dreamy Photography: LewChan Photography
Catering: Poke E Joe’s
DJ: Sean Alan