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I love surprises. It’s the little surprises in life that are sometimes just the best. So when Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings surprised me by asking Little Yellow Flower Design to be a part of a branding shoot for the new upscale and mobile coffee bar, Lucky Lab Coffee Co., I of course had to say yes. Even though the shoot was just a mere 4 days away. And I didn’t have time to order flowers. And the shoot was on a Tuesday night that my husband already had an evening meeting and I had the kiddos. And Tuesdays are the diciest (new word alert!!) day of the week to buy in stock flowers from my wholesaler because the majority of their shipments come in Wednesdays and Fridays. But in the words of Tim Gunn, we “make it work!”
Lucky Lab-44

So I recruited my main flower gal pal Sunny Farrell (who now owns her own flower biz, Karis Floral in Nashville!) to help and so I arranged and designed all the “set” pieces like the arrangements, Sunny took the arrangements and extra flowers to the shoot and styled the donut hole cake (WOW) and anything on set that needed some zushing (2 new words in one post! I’m on a role.).
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In addition to having a weekday presence in Austin at the Y in Oak Hill, where you can grab your caffeine fix and a homemade pastry on your way to work, Lucky Lab will also make office deliveries and be available to rent for private parties. That’s right, Austin party people! I can picture the truck being the sweetest surprise at a brunch wedding, afternoon baby shower, housewarming, holiday get-together…you name it!
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Huge bonus and sweet surprise, this Lucky Lab branding shoot was featured on the Inspired By This blog! Thrilling!!

Photography: Jen Dillender
Styling and Donut Hole Tower of Wonderfulness: Westcott Weddings
Venue: The Union on Eighth