Let me just announce: this wedding is a perfect personification of my friend Liz. It’s glam, it’s gold, it’s glitter, it’s gardeny lush and girly and a little edgy all at the same time. Oh and there are gold glitter dinosaur succulent planters involved. Truth. Liz had a vision for her wedding and she let me run wild with it. I LOVE it when people give me some ideas (and a budget of course) and then say “go ahead! I trust you!” Florist fact: we get REAL excited when clients give us creative license.
One aspect of the floral that was really important to Liz was her bouquet. I’m paraphrasing her words, but it was something like “The bigger and wilder, the better and I love glam!” Making bouquets is my absolute favorite and Liz, your bouquet was one of my all time favorites! I used several types of greenery including flowering jasmine from my own backyard, plus burgundy and blush peonies, David Austin Juliet and Darcy roses, dark red and pink ranunculus, and succulents.
LIZ + TREY-10203LIZ + TREY-10198LIZ + TREY-10197
Liz and Trey selected The Belmont in the heart of downtown Austin as the location for their wedding and ceremony. I was thrilled when Liz selected Maryam Fernandez as her wedding planner. Maryam and I have known each other for years, but this was our first opportunity to work together on an event. Maryam, Liz and I fondly referred to ourselves as “Team Glitter.” Briana Purser did an amazing job capturing every detail the day on camera. I especially love the editorial style photos she took of the bride and groom. They were so lovely! Let’s just have a little “LizAndTreyAPalooza” and look at all these stunning pics.
LIZ + TREY-10237
LIZ + TREY-10222LIZ + TREY-10196LIZ + TREY-10179LIZ + TREY-10176

Sometimes I get to pull double duty as florist and wedding guest which is a pretty special gig. I love it when that works out because then I get to see the bride walk down the aisle and how the audience reacts. Unanimous decision? Liz is a stunner. Also, she loves a good confetti popper.
LIZ + TREY-10345LIZ + TREY-10351LIZ + TREY-10437LIZ + TREY-10448

I don’t even know why I love these particular photos so much, but I do. Just something about them really captures the beautiful chaos that is family at a wedding. Real life people.
LIZ + TREY-10480LIZ + TREY-10485

Do you see this handsome guy? He’s a geologist. Which means he’s pretty awesome (side note: my other career is geology. Who knew, right?!).
LIZ + TREY-10210

Liz wanted the reception to be a true reflection of her and Trey as a couple. To honor this, we settled on two totally different centerpieces. I liked to think of them as “his and hers.” Glam arrangements of hydrangea, peony, sweet peas, spray roses, ranunculus and greenery for her. Gold glitter (ok, that part’s her too) dinosaur succulent planters for him. They say the basis of a good marriage is compromise. Liz and Trey, you’re off to a great start!
LIZ + TREY-10254LIZ + TREY-10264LIZ + TREY-10266LIZ + TREY-10270

To save money in the budget for this crafty bride, I taught her how to make my favorite dinosaur succulent planters that I created for this wedding in 2013. Then, naturally Liz took it up to the next level by choosing gold spray paint and then spraying gold glitter on top of that. Ah-mazing!! I also added some clear mismatched bud vases with flowers and gold and brass candlesticks (Liz’s) to these dinner tables. Liz even spray painted some of the succulents inside the planters different colors. Side note: did you know that apparently in the succulent world it’s VERY controversial to spray paint a succulent?! I was researching how long succulents live after they are spray painted and stumbled upon a whole world of naysayers. Needless to say, when Liz and I went on our field trip to pick out and purchase succulents for the dinos, we did not mention that some of the little guys might end up spray painted. Shhhhh…
LIZ + TREY-10261LIZ + TREY-10263LIZ + TREY-10262LIZ + TREY-10269LIZ + TREY-10258LIZ + TREY-10256LIZ + TREY-10255LIZ + TREY-10265

Oh heeeey! Hey girl! Me at a wedding enjoying a bevie.
LIZ + TREY-10307

And this doesn’t have anything really to do with flowers except for the fact that the bridesmaid bouquets are in the photo, but I loved Liz and Trey’s cake. Super geometric cool. It actually matches the tile floor inside the Belmont. I also wish that I had (hint hint, Liz…) a photo of Trey’s groom’s cake which was a miniature to scale version of a cross section of the Earth. Geologist me totally geeked out over it!
LIZ + TREY-10551

Liz, thank you for being such a fabulous bride to work with! I had so much fun collaborating with you on all the details of your wedding. Team Glitter!
LIZ + TREY-10191